Ordering products for a project can be an intimidating task even for experienced professionals. A great deal is at stake with every project.

Excel Hospitality LTD’s main purpose is making your wishes and ideas come true. Our high level of flexibility, creativity, experience and the ability to offer something for every taste and occasion.
We achieve this through our service model. We guide your project from design to delivery and we aren’t happy until the customer is satisfied.

Excel Hospitality LTD’s process

Step 1:

Consultation: In order to identify the specific needs of each project, we ensure the project’s success by working directly with designers and contractors from the very beginning. Executing the first step allows us to identify the most appropriate stone, kitchen, and bath products for each project.

Step 2:

Bidding: Once Excel receives a bid, our sophisticated engineering team creates a set of drawing describing the required products for the project. Bid drawings are the key to preparing accurate and competitive bids. This process aids communication which leads to a more in-depth understanding of the products in the project

Step 3:

Project Management: Our team of seasoned project managers ensure that accountability is ensured. The first step occurs at headquarters, where the managers take the project inquiry, to bid, to order. The second step occurs in China, where the managers take care of the production and shipping requirements. Our attention to detail approach, makes the fabrication and transport to the United States a smooth and efficient process. The third step occurs at headquarters, where we have a team that tracks project through delivery, while communicating process with the customer.

Step 4:

Production Management: Our streamlined communication and interaction with the producers and vendors ensures a successful delivery. A manger initiates a production schedule immediately once a bid is approved and clients are updated on the progress of the project every step of the way. Freight and delivery dates are always schedule based on the customer’s needs.

Step 5:

Customer Service: Excel Hospitality Stone is always available beyond the delivery of products. We have a team that is always available to helps with questions about delivery and performance. We are always willing to send employees to the project sites to discuss solutions with customers in person.